Reflections of an Exhibition

Thank you for teaching me the word Kungokhala.

The beauty of the work shows the humanism and the love of the author.

I am from Mozambique, where I have not returned for more than 20 years. Seeing these photos, these faces, touched me deeply.

The most honest pictures of my country that I have seen. Thank you.

We retained the purity of your photos. I believe there is a beautiful simplicity that is common to all the images.

Thank you for showing an Africa that is different from the one we’re used to see.

Black on white; all of the good that can still be felt in that first continent.

Thank you for giving me strength to go back to my roots.

I missed “my” Mozambique!

Strange, this feeling of finding Africa, that immense continent, in a simple photographic look. But, again, isn’t that the quality of a great photographer?

Congratulations on being faithful to reality!

A beautiful image of life. Thank you for being in Mozambique.

The dignity of the looks are a hope to the World.

Thank you for the simplicity and beauty that you convey.

A loving look that is aware of the human landscape in the hurtful continent.

We can feel the love that the region conveyed you. In a short time, you entered the soul of that people.

It is excellent to see that there are people that know how to look the World, nature and mankind.

The pictures are wonderful, the children…you can almost read their souls.

For a while, I felt in Africa. What an urge to know Mozambique!

Thank you for giving us a little of what you felt in your mission…

How good its “just staying”.