Lost Houses

One day, while walking in Lisbon, I was curious to look through the gaps of a fence.

Hidden behind, was an empty plot dominated by wild vegetation that had overtaken the last remains of an old building.

When I looked at the wall of the neighbouring building, previously hidden by the construction that no longer existed, I noticed that the interior walls of the former houses were still there!

Through them, their colours and dimensions, I started to imagine how those houses were…who lived there…what was inside…

Those walls, by resisting demolition, seemed to be sending a message. They were houses fighting for survival.

I felt, then, an urge to bring them back to life; to satisfy the wish of life in those walls…

The installation Lost Houses is an urban intervention project that pretends to “revive” these walls while they wait to be replaced by a new building.

Therefore, I intend to collect a number of lost objects that might have belonged to those houses and place them in their respective divisions, or actually, in the walls that remain.